PVC-Free (Our Commitment)

ArtC is PVC Free.

PVC - or polyvinyl chloride - is a very bad substance that is harmful to both humans, and the environment.  Unfortunately, it is found in many of the products we purchase every day.  WHO has designated it as a known carcinogen, and it is extremely difficult to remove safely from the global ecosystem.  Basically, it's a mistake that humanity made many years ago, without realizing how bad it is.  So, now we need to stop using it.

For this reason, we do not use materials that contain PVC's.

If you are shopping around, please make sure that the other companies you're considering also offer PVC free materials.  Trust us, it's better to not have them in your home, and on your walls.

That's it.  End of speech.

For more info on what PVC's are, check out this handy link:

Why Is PVC Bad for the Environment?


The Team @ ArtC