Is it easy to install?

Yes, if you have ever installed wallpaper, you will find our murals much simpler to install, simply place and peel carefully, and apply!


I just painted my wall, is that ok?

Perhaps.  It depends on how long the paint has been drying.  We recommend waiting at least 10 days before applying our murals.  Anything less could result in the mural lifting off the wall over time.


What if my wall is a different size?

No problem! Let us know, and the mural can be custom scaled to your space. 


What happens when I want to do something different with my wall?

If you have a different design in mind, we would love to switch out your mural; otherwise, you can carefully peel back and recycle the mural at your convenience. 


Is the material recyclable?

Yes! All of our murals are custom produced with PVC-free and fully recyclable materials. The material and liner can simply be dropped in your black bin.


 How easy is it to remove?

Our PVC-free material is designed to stay adhered for as long as you like, but come off when the time comes with no residue. We recommend a professional touch, but if desired you can remove yourself carefully. Feel free to contact us for tips!


Is it possible to have one of the designs created in a different color?

Absolutely!  The colors on any of our prints can be adjusted to your preference.  Reach out to us at happy@artc.com.


Can I use my own image?

Custom work is close to the heart of ArtC! Send us your high-resolution photo or artwork and we can add it to your space.


What file type should I send?

We can work with common design/artwork file types (AI, PDF, PSB, PSD, TIFF). High-resolution JPEG and PNG files may also be scalable to wall size.


I just placed my order, how long does it take to arrive?

We typically install within 96 hrs of the order being placed.  Otherwise, if your mural is being shipped out, it generally ships within 48 hrs from the time your order is confirmed.


Will there be seams on my wall?

Your mural will be printed in vertical sections, which are then applied to the wall.  There will be butted seams.  But they won't be easy to see if you take your time and keep your cool :)


What if I have a photo too small to be made into a mural?

Keep an eye out for our new line coming soon!