Make your home your own (a little about us)

ArtC is an Ottawa based company, home-grown for 15 years, with its sole intention to make living spaces greater.  Your home is the most special place in the world, and we are going to treat it that way.  We are in the business of making living spaces wonderful.  With a little imagination, and some creativity, we will help make your home one of a kind.

ArtC will work with you to find the exact image and vibe you are wanting to add to a space.  Choose from our extensive collection of inspiring works, or send us your own image.  Still not 100% what you imagined?  We can custom print, and make color adjustments, to create whatever it is you’re looking for.


ArtC is a family business.  We aspire to leave our world a better place for our kids and grandchildren and we are committed to using only PVC-Free, fully recyclable, and removable materials for all of our mural prints.  We do this, because it's the right thing to do.

Corporate Clients

Our murals aren't just for residential spaces.  Here at ArtC, we understand the importance of making a work space comfortable and motivating for all team members.  Speak with one of our specialists today!

Customer Service

When you hear us say, "We appreciate your business", we mean it.  We value each new relationship we create.  When you choose ArtC for your next project, you're in good hands.  We have professionals ready to provide you with all your design and creative needs.  Our customers are important to us, and we will keep you happy by giving you a top quality product and the best customer service.


We have a team of trained and experienced technicians who are available to install your mural to the highest industry standards.  Speak with one of our specialists today.


“Life is short. The impression we leave on the world lasts longer than ourselves.  My hope is to leave the world a better place than it was before I entered it. Won't be easy, but it's fun to try.”
Ben Wintle, founder