ArtC COVID-19 Policy

Company details

Business name: ArtC

Date completed: November 6, 2020

Division/group: ArtC team

Date distributed: November 6, 2020

Revision date: N/A

Developed by: JL

Others consulted: BW


Adapting to the rapidly changing environment of a global pandemic

ArtC is committed to doing what we can to keep you safe, and keep our team safe. Firstly, that means knowing what to do, and then, communicating it clearly to our team. That is why we have consulted with medical professionals and taken the time to consider the safest way forward, while also keeping up with the latest information from health authorities. We do this to ensure that we are keeping up with the best practices and standards for home visits during this time.

This policy is applied by each and every one of our team members. We have set up our internal communication systems to provide frequent reminders and updates. Including, but not limited to:

  • posting notices in common areas
  • emails
  • socially-distanced team meetings
  • reminding workers about available social and mental health supports, and encouraging them to use these resources
  • sharing information to help our team stay healthy while commuting and travelling as part of their work to bring murals to your home environment
  • training regularly and repeatedly on procedures


What is it? Screening involves collecting information about symptoms and interactions that may result in higher risks of transmitting COVID-19.

Based on this information, a decision is made about whether a person stays home until they are further assessed and/or symptoms resolve.

Our ArtC team is engaged in active and passive daily screening. Since the symptoms of COVID-19 are shared with many other illnesses, including the cold and flu, it is currently recommended that anyone who begins to feel unwell (fever, new cough or difficulty breathing) should  self-isolate. So we will always stay home if we have any symptoms that are new, getting worse or unexplained by an existing condition, if we have had close contact to a known case, or have recently had to travel internationally.

Our team assesses their own risk factors, having been trained to monitor symptoms at all times; and know where to find the online COVID-19 self-assessment tool. But we also use the ArtC screening checklist, which asks basic questions about individual's physical health and symptoms using the provincial list of COVID-19 symptoms. Our temperature may also be checked and recorded. 

When we visit you to create a mural in your home environment, we will also have some questions for you. This can also be done on the phone before we arrive. With your consent, your temperature may also be checked and recorded (just not over the phone, because we haven’t figured that one out yet).


Personal Protective Equipment

We are proud to be able to support local business with Ontario-made PPE, without taking critical supplies from medical personnel when they need it the most.

All of our staff respect the following hygiene practices:

  • Wash hands with soap and water (or alcohol-based sanitizer) regularly, and at the beginning and end of their shift.
  • Sneeze and cough into sleeve.
  • If having used a tissue, discard immediately and wash hands afterwards.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Avoid high-touch areas, where possible, or ensure hands are cleaned after.

When visiting your home, our team will wear the following PPE:

  • Face masks and shields
  • Gloves

Physical Distancing

As advised by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, public health officials, and outlined throughout government communications, physical distancing is required to control the spread of COVID-19. Physical distancing generally means maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters (6 feet) or more between persons. By maintaining physical distancing, people are less likely to be exposed to a respiratory virus like COVID19 as the virus can be spread before symptoms appear (pre-symptomatic) and when persons may have contracted the virus but are minimal or no symptoms (asymptomatic).

Our team will maintain physical distance while in your home, and we have made changes in our production facility as well:

  • Limiting the total number of people and where they are working
  • Converting all non-essential face-to-face appointments to virtual appointments
  • Management and admin teams working from home whenever possible
  • Staggering breaks and lunches
  • Restricting visitors and limiting workplace entry to only essential personnel
  • Suspending group activities and gatherings
  • Alter the workplace layout of the floor to enhance physical distancing
  • Arranging lunchrooms and break rooms to follow physical distancing practices.

    Possible Exposure

    There are some things we would all rather not think about, but sometimes it is necessary in order to be prepared. We have taken a careful approach to our safety and yours, and have never had to deal with an exposure to COVID-19; but if something outside of our control were to cause that to happen; we have a plan.

    The first step is always isolation; regardless of what happens next, the rest of our team and clients need to be protected. We will follow all necessary procedures for the level of contact.  


      The overall health of our team

        This is our first global pandemic, and while we want to protect our team and clients as much as possible, we are also carefully considering the health of our staff as whole people. There are always more ways than one to take care of each other; and while we look to support each other as much as possible, we also encourage our team and anyone struggling with their current situation to make use of available mental health supports.

        One of the ways that ArtC management is supporting our team is by keeping an open dialogue and regularly checking in on the effects of the policies and procedures that have been implemented. We are aware of the effects that stress and change can have on all of our overall health. We are carefully and continually considering the critical question of how we can manage the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on our team. 


        Course Correction

        It's no good to keep up to date on the external and internal situations if we aren't going to adapt, which is why our team is meeting weekly to evaluate our policy and correct our course if necessary. ArtC is committed to doing what we can to keep you safe, and keep our team safe. It's like we said: we want to be healthy, and we want you to be healthy.